About Us

SLK Technosystems was founded in the year 2006 to meet requirements of various organizations in the field of  PVC ID Cards and Smart Card Solutions. The initial business activity concentrated on Smart Card Solutions, manufacture of  Card Fusing Machines , ID Cards and Card Die-Cutters. As the business grew with high level of customer satisfaction, the company expanded it’s  product line and ventured into medical diagnostic products required by Central Sterile Supplies Department of a hospital. SLK Technosystems thus started it’s distribution arm with all types of sterilization monitoring indicators  and medical grade aseptic packaging reels and pouches . 

SLK Technosystems has grown it’s business through all India network of happy customers. We have provided quality products at affordable prices to all our customers. We have understood  the professional needs of our customers and have honestly put our efforts to meet their requirements. This has lead us to gaining customer confidence in what we do. Our core business principles are offering good Quality products at Affordable prices  accompanied with good after sales Service. We strive to achieve high level of customer satisfaction . Over the years, our business has been steady and building well BRICK by BRICK. Today , SLK is a leading name in the field of  card fusing machines and supply of sterilization monitoring products. We endeavor to continue our efforts on these same principles and are very confident about the path we have chosen for our future. 

SLK Technosystems is currently operating through it’s two business segments namely  

Key Products - SLK Medical
Autoclave Tape
AirView Bowie Dick Test packs/ Test Sheets
Steam Indicator Strips Class 4 - SIL 250
STEAMPlus Class 5 Integrator
Biological Indicator - Steam
SporeView Biological Indicator - EO Gas
Key Products - SLK Industrial
Heat Press / PVC Sheet Fusing Machine - Model A 5050 HP
Model A 4101HP Card Fusing Machine
Card Fusing Machine -  Model A4200 AH
Card Fusing Machine - Model A3201 AH
Motorised Single Card Cutter - Model MCC1200​

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